After the Polish shame of Lithuanian gold. The representation of EF was revanted by title

When last May, a Czech team of journalists composed exclusively of editors and debaters of EuroFotbal was unable to win a single match in Poland, it was not expected much in Lithuania. This time, however, the nomination has spread to journalists from other football industries and the result is gold medals! The Czech tournament with great facilities in the spa town of Druskininkai won the second Latvia and the third Armenia.

Great thanks to our Lithuanian hosts who have provided very comfortable accommodation at the Europa Royale hotel, shared relaxation in the aquapark right after arriving in Lithuania And of course a rich banquet shortly after the end of the championship.

Introduction to the tournament system.Ten national teams played with every 1×12 minutes on a quarter football pitch. In short, just like in small football, except that there were 6 players plus a goalman on the artificial grass.

As the team brought Chelsea fans to Lithuania purely from Chelsea fans, they could be expected to We will present the tournament with cautious defensive football and we will not get too many goals. And indeed, in nine matches, we hunted the balloon from the net only six times (only the Lithuanians had better defense).

We carefully got into the championship by playing a system with each and every one in terms of results. In order not to leave the opponents immediately, we have won only one of the first four matches.The remaining five duels, however, the representation with the lion on the chest has mastered perfectly and did not lose even a point.Salvation was a break in the middle of the tournament, when the organizers “banched us” with bananas and chocolate.

The core of our team was made by EuroFotbal editors. Tomáš Daníček took the position of Pavel Horváth in the middle of the field and his name tag on the jersey was definitely not owed – what about the distribution of the balloon and the absence of rapid movement, which replaced at least an occasional effort to push the ball. Marek Ustohal then in the attack he symbolized the whole Czech tournament when he fired in the first chances, but then he started a three-shot title race.

It is important to note that the team captain and his assistant attended a ceremonial dinner ceremony in the evening with a taste of Lithuanian cuisine and Armenian whiskey, while the third Premier League editor and a reliable rock on the right Víťa Srp He carefully prepared himself in a colorful and pop song winning the fountain, as the dominant of the vast spa complex.

Another editor and goalman of previous years Dominik Zezula this time, due to unexpected work responsibilities, he stayed in the Czech Republic and contributed to the stronger team defensiveness.His successor among Roman Duda sticks did not pay attention to the gold boots, but he snatched the balls and, above all, against Armenia or Belarus, the team held a series of key interventions.

Our own Hugo Lloris also owes its defenses – whether inconspicuous sharpshooters and rosary photographer Robert Švanda or Dominic Luptak .Stoper, who has adopted the peppery nickname of Pepe, often fired into his own rows once he scored his own goal and after the closing ceremony he said “Ramos” dropped and successfully broke the championship trophy, otherwise, but with Vít Fratříč – for tournament purposes by Robert Huthem – he was supposed to claim music and distract his opponent with a pair of perfectly timed downs.

The best shooter of our team was with four goals Pavel Chalupa A real leader who did not have the problem to bypass half the opponent’s team and score. He was deservedly nominated to be the best attacker of the tournament.On the other hand, Brno’s other boss, Tomáš Oberreiter, has been defeating the defensive series for the change but when the game wrestled more with their shields, Obík moved the last duel to the tip and with two blind goals turned the key match With Poland.

Only four members of the team took care of the goals – two important interventions were also contributed by Daniel Svoboda, who played the role of David Lafata in our playroom. Both goals scored from a small lime, but we could barely get around without them.Adam Hefner, who took care of the most beautiful goal he missed, was also at the tip of the attack, after one of his traditional raids, he beautifully surrounded the goalie and then painfully hit the goal.


We would like to thank this article not only to the organizers but also to all the participants who have created an excellent football team but above all a part.Together, we managed a demanding two-thousand-kilometer journey – including Vít Fratric, who realized that he did not have a citizen on the way to Lithuania, and he had a car failed on the way back, so he had to take a bus to Dan and from Warsaw. P>


Top row from left: Vít Fratric (Talkers), Víta Srp (vitasrp), Marek Ustohal (Usty), Tomas Danicek (fantomas), Tomáš Oberreiter (Obík), Pavel Chalupa (Pája) Amour).
Left Bottom From Left: Daniel Svoboda (Bale), Robert Švanda (Riise), Adam Hefner (hef), Dominik Lupták (ikercc).


Czech Republic – Armenia 0: 0 Czech Republic – Russia 0: 2 Czech Republic – Latvia 2: 1 (Ustohal 2)

0: 2 (Ustohal, Chalupa)
Belarus – Czech Republic 0: 2 (Chalupa, Svoboda)
Hungary 0: 1 (Svoboda) Cottage 2 )
Czech Republic – Poland 2: 1 (Oberreiter 2)