Baghdatis did not expect victory, but once he wants to be a unit

BRATISLAVA – Bratislava challenger Tatra banka Open won the third-place ATP Entry (205th), but he definitely does not belong to his tennis. Almost a junior (19), but his time in this category is the best in the world.

He is a native of Central America because Cyprus is on the Middle East and the United States and only on vacation, but once he wants to be a Cypriot prime minister at the World Headquarters.

and I have finally won eight of them, I’m sure I was playing well. “Finn & Aacute has been a yearly actor since Hrbat & yacute is a great tennis player.We both are well below & aacute, I have been very busy but unexpected & eacute; winning standing; “Baghdatis has begun his devout awards and a great deal of fun for the most talented and talented and talented and talented and talented, The first of them was the Croat & Aacute, the Željka Krajana, then the Savior and Igor Zelenaya, and the progress to the main summit, he made a hard battle over Srba Nenada Zimonjiča.In the best & scaron ey thirty-two he was phased out by Chorv & aacute, the Sa & scaron, by Tuksara, last year’s defender & eacute, the champion Mark Scaron, and Mark Rossett, ), in the semifin & aacute; le po suver & eacute; nnom v & yacute; horses type & eacute; set up & eacute by Karola Beck and in fin & aacute; tournaments & uacute; john

such as Hrbat & yacute; I have not done so until now, “compare sensational & yacute; R & iacute; taz.The advantages of Baghdatis on the court; r & yacute; chle legs, glory & yacute; forhend, sol & iacute, day of administration and quite substantial & yacute; contact with the audience. During the game, laughs, robbed; “I do not know exactly why it’s doing what you’re talking about and it’s coming from a dancing moment. I can say that, “he gave a simple & eacute; explanation. R & iacute; Towing & aacute; the cost of € 14,300 is, of course, the most important and scaron; and scaron; in its case and scaron; ej “minikari & eacute; re”.And how to deal with her and say, exactly, you do not know. “It can be d & aacute; m we have, because it m & aacute; m r & aacute; d, & rdquo; said simply, but Cr & aacute; dream.

Dlhovlas & eacute; Cypriots & eacute; it over in & eacute; girls & aacute; encourages česk & aacute , tennis player Petra Cetkovska & aacute ;, will be Tatra banka in the web & iacute; čku highest & scaron; & scaron, ie in curry & eacute; re (about 160). this year, of which & eacute; it almost half unwittingly PREMAR & oacute; Doval, longer tournaments make it. < br />
the nabliž & scaron; & iacute, Ch t & eacute; ždňoch a d & CORPORATE off, and then starts to prepare for the follow & uacute, with the season and oacute; not. “Trust & iacute; in that the & yacute; ch & uacute, Specht as in Bratislava will spend more time. Just like in Scaron, I want to be a unit once, “Baghdatis concluded.