Tears in the NHL. Did the miserable Toronto find a new hero in the newcomer’s goalie?

As a 95th man, he joined the Toronto Maple Leafs team as the first of them in the first prize to win a zero and to win a 3-0 victory over Edmonton. “Everything went according to plan,” joked a 22-year-old green man in the cabin reporters’ environs.

The emotions that had overcome him when he talked to the blonde entertainer just after he had declared him the main star of the evening.

How do you feel? “I can not even describe it…I can not even describe it.”

Do you know that in the history of Leafs no one has ever managed to do what you have done? It is great! “Thank you. Thank you! “

He was not surprised by the thunder of the audience at the Air Canada Center.He shook his head in astonishment, raised his eyebrows, bowed his head, hiding his reddened face, and blurted tears.

A half-minute storm of passion has attracted great attention overseas. It was equally immediately impressed by Tomáš Hertl, striker of San Jose, in a similar interview on ice two years ago. “This is a dream. Dream, not reality. I am happy. Crazy. I do not know. Great match. It is a dream. No reality, “he said in a broken microphone in English after a fantastic four-game show against NY Rangers.

He smiled incredulously. He waved his mom and girlfriend on the tribune and called them Czech: “Hello!”

The parents had Sparks in the hall before yesterday. The guy in the suburbs of Chicago is extremely grateful for their support.Although he naturally knows English, he did not have the answer at the moment.

No wonder. After all, a year ago, he wore the ECHL, the third highest overseas ice hockey competition, from which betting offer he is far from the fancy NHL. At the turn of November and December 2014, he was bored with a tedious tour during which he and his Orlando Solar Bears wandered by bus, drove in cheap motels and did not look home for a month.

Now he has offered a fabulous opportunity . In the injury of one fellow (Reimer) and desperate performance of the other goalkeeper (Bernier) sports betting offers he was called to Toronto as a star of the AHL farm leagues.

Surely, two shots of Edmonton rivals were bulging over the stick. Of the other 24 rounds, however, he did not even let one.Experts consider his style to be unfinished, but he did look calm on the brightly lit scene on Monday.

The supporters of the classical club, founded on November 26, 1917, set out an exceptional experience. Leafs has recently been battering a series of embarrassing defeats. In the past ten seasons, they just pushed into the play-off and left in the 1st round. They have been waiting for the Stanley Cup since spring 1967.

And so they rejoice in the trifles. Maybe it was Sparks’s history.

“The ice hockey players have been playing here for a long time, so it’s really a blast,” he said.

The journalist, James Mirtle, on the Globe and Mail, wrote on Monday night on Twitter: “A guy in Garret Sparks’ . He bought it after the match. “

Toronto warmly welcomed the savior out of simple circumstances.Even if he saved only one match for Maple Leafs, it was worth it.

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