The coach of Iceland continues to do a dentist, and a fan reports in the bar

Heimir Hallgrímsson, after Lars Läckbäck’s summer departure, became the only football coach of Iceland, but still keeps his habits. He is still working as a dentist, and at the pub he regularly discusses fans and fans about the game and the tactics for the next match.

At this year’s European Championship in France, Hallgrímsson together with Swede Lagerbäck led Iceland through England into the quarterfinals, With the team to advance to the world championship in 2018. So he recently found time to treat a footballer who near his clinic in the match lost the tooth.

“I do not have a traditional ordination lesson, but I like I exercise my fingers so I leave room for two private clients or urgent cases.Actually, I’m a pretty good dentist, “he told Reuters Hallgrímsson.

He also wants to maintain excellent relationships with the fans he started building as an assistant to the national team in 2012. Before preparing for the Faroe Islands The islands then went to a bar to announce the team, present players, and talk about tactics.

Since then, Hallgrímsson has been doing homework before, with the exception of Thursday’s qualifying match against Finland. > “For the first time there were only 12 or 15 boys and girls. Now it’s a place where there are about 400 people. We always ask them not to do a cell phone and nothing can betting sider med startbonus escape to the media.”We have created a unique relationship with fans and my visits to the bar have become a nice Icelandic tradition.”

I want to keep what’s unique about us. Even though I’m the head coach now, it would be disrespectful if I did not come between them, “said Hallgrímsson. bookmakere norge

According to him, in the peculiar Icelandic team, in addition to leaving Lagerbäck and engaging the German fitness coach, practically nothing changed. No representative after a successful Euro has finished a career, the game style will not change. “We play as it should be.We have 30-40 percent ball possession, so we have to be damn good in the defense and always find a solution in situations where we fight the ball, “Hallgrímsson said.

His superiors for the first round The MS are also struggling with Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine. “It is the most difficult qualifying group, with only four participants in the Euro. The advantage is total serenity, because all three opening games ended with a draw of 1: 1, “said the coach of Iceland.

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