The Slovaks won the squad and approached the final

BRATISLAVA – Slovak tennis players have made a very close look at the historic Davis Cup final. On Saturday night’s semi-final match with Argentina in Bratislava, home pair Karol Beck, Michal Mertiňák beat Argentinian pair David Nalbandian, Mariano Puerta in three sets in 165 minutes 7: 6 (5), 7: 5, 7: 6 Slovakia is an important second point.

Beck with Mertien & Aacute have won together in Davis’s third album & Scaron creators in a row when they are in the same composition; they also succeeded against Scaron, the German and the Dutch. The winner is a valuable & scaron, that Argent & iacute have played & scaron creators in the Davis Cup after three years and both Saturday & Scaron; act & eacute; ri v & ocirc; bec po prv & yacute; one time.Nalbandian m & aacute; after Saturday debbl & uacute; 5: 1 and Puerta 3: 1.

The meeting of Slovakia and Argent & iacute; on Sunday at 3:00 pm, when it is ready; on programs from & aacute; verecn & eacute; singles. In the first they should be set up against each other: the units of the two Dominic Hrbat & yacute; and Guillermo Coria, and should be followed by two of Karol Beck and David Nalbandian.

Karol Beck, Michal Mertign & aacute; k – David Nalbandian, Mariano Puerta 7: 6 (5), 7: 5, 7: 6 act & eacute; attentive str & aacute; lived service. Until one day, the Argentine and Argentine players were given a 2-1 win over the match, Mertien & aacute; ka, but Slovo and acute; ci to ust & aacute; li.6: 5 for Slovakian & yacute; the Nalbandian wave and at 15:40 faced two setbalom. Before & eacute; has ended in a testen & yacute; merlin mercury and aacute; a positive line and a species & yacute;

In the 6: 3 condition, Slovaacautes had three or more sets. Puerta at your disposal; the halls and the ramp were 6: 5.Then in & scaron, and Nalbandian did not return the first & yacute; Beckov service and div aacute; in the NTC, after 61 minutes you can scaron from the tightly Slovak and eacute, winning the first 7: 5 thunder in the secret.

In the second action continued to move on each & yacute ; gem, but left and aacute; k Puert began gradually to leave and to act first & eacute; administration. Under a 4: 4 state, They came to two words, and they got to two of them, and Mertien and aacute to the top and scaron; he transformed himself into a shrug.Vz & aacute; p & auml; t & iacute; Beck got his set up for his service, but Argent & iacute him off the hills and even made a special rebreak.

But then the Nalbandian failed to deliver and after a successful return from the Mertien & Aacute, the Slovak and the yacute; 6: 5, and the audience in the NTC boiled again. Ľadovo pokojn & yacute; Mertien & Aacute; then, at his service, he did not call the halls and after a failed lobe, Nalbandiana zacalo, Slovakia II. set in a 7: 5 ratio. In the third time, you are happy to keep the show, even though it is awakened; Slova & aacute; they had to break a scroll and a scaron;Beck 4: 5 Beck Specialized; Situated at 0:30 and with two good service levels,

and scaron for the Nalbandian submission, and since the players and the tennis players opted to play great on the net, they gradually got to the three brejkbalos. Without nerve and with headband play & ucute; or Nalbandian them in & scaron; if you are yachting; born & yacute; voljmi odvr & aacute; til. Then Mertien & Aacute bounced his blessing and played the species & yacute; tie-break. Puerta started him badly, and he played back after returning back and forth; volleyball – Slov & aacute; they led 1: 0. Vz & aacute; p & auml; t & iacute; on servise infallible & yacute; Beck za b & uacute; rliv & yacute; ch ov & aacute; ci & iacute; filled in with 3: 0.Then it was torn, and still calm and yacute; Nalbandian and lost first & eacute; your submission – 4: 0.