Trainer Klocova Slouka: Euphoria will fall, the struggle for survival will come

LONDON – Lucia Klocová’s final eighth place in the 1500m run is considered by many to be the most amazing penetration ahead, and even in the hierarchy of the Olympics, it is also a medal.

Inconspicuously in the position of the coach, Pavel Slouk pulled back from the back of success. He surprised himself, did not think he was so pleasantly overwhelmed: “We definitely did not expect us to save or save something, but we wanted to succeed.” Lucka jumped on the longer track and did not even stomp on it. Just a couple of months ago, we’ve named a lot of bets and I cautiously calculated, hoping she could go to the semifinals to run around 4:04 to 4:05, but it will end eighth, so I’m a little choppy.After health problems, ten days before I left, I broke more and was a bit milder in my assumptions. Our other athletes, unfortunately, did not work out and the reflection became a pillar in the scoreboard. If, however, it did not come to the final, the semifinal performance would have been a victory, in our work and in the effort we put into the competition. “


“It’s not a training type, it’s a racing race. It also responds to changes, with a gift from God. Military sells very well, exploits the maximum.Even during the final I was whispering, only to be left out, and she switched on and 220 volts went into the body. “

Lucky’s excellence excels: Training pitches resemble the monastery’s wall, and the dry bread of the emperor: “We see, observe, and always state just how simple we operate. Most athletes would not have our conditions, they would only be discouraged when thinking about a harsh winter training, spring. I can not imagine how they would work. Lucky’s internal modesty is moving forward, the pavements in Turcianska Stiavnicka Park would have been able to tell. “

The extinct volcano began to spout smoke and lava.After 13 years of tedious work on the eighth century, she laid a thousand five-hundred-foot under the boiler. “In a piece, without pause, without relief, he fulfilled the goals and demands of the top events.” Elegantly, the eighteenth was bothering him, “ In Slovakia, she was absent, without a training partner, she lacked psychic refreshment, she was training with boys, with difficulty, and a new impulse arose for a thousand-five hundreds, and she was surprised to think about it, but she did not agree. “Imagination worked, but the stimulus came, the challenge worked and eventually accepted it.”

Where Luckine’s options are hard to estimate.Pavel Slouka will wait a bit for the reaction of the environment: “Let us take another preparation, we need to relax, regenerate the whole year, because the organism can not endlessly squeeze in. We will see how our athletic union, the national sports center , the Ministry of Education, which we belong to, I am a little afraid of what will happen after the Olympics, and I just believe that the result Lucka has achieved will be something good in preparation, now we are rejoicing, something big is fulfilled, but the euphoria goes away, everyday worries, and how we have become a habit, and a renewed daily struggle for athletic survival. ”